Lower Main Residential Electrical

Your Safest Residential Electrical Service Provider.

With more than 35 years of experience, Fraser West Electrical is proud to serve the entire Lower Mainland area with quality electrical services for our residential customers.

We are proud to offer our professional, reliable services, and complete all work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reach out to Fraser West Electrical today for more information on our electrical services, repairs, installs, and more!

Custom Home Builds

If you are building a custom home, big or small, you will want it tailored to your needs and wants. At Fraser West, we have countless years working with homeowners to develop beautiful homes that exceed their expectations.

From recessed lighting to custom fixtures, custom lighting within bars, wine rooms, patios, media rooms, and everything in between, Fraser West has you covered when it comes to your custom electrical needs.


We provide our clients with world-class lighting solutions that are designed to set the mood in any environment. Whether it’s a big space or a small space, indoors or outdoors, we have the perfect lighting systems for any need you might have.


We install the most reliable Lutron Automation Systems in many of our homes. From smaller systems to whole-home systems that integrate with your audio, video, and climate control, automation provides effortless control and increased electrical efficiency. Whether you are incorporating automation into a new build or retrofitting an existing home, we offer a wide range of leading Lutron Products to fit your budget and needs.

Oh, and turning on and off your home’s lights shouldn’t be like firing up an aircraft. With just the touch of a button or your voice command, you can set the mood for the whole space.

BackUp Generators

You never know what the weather and environment will bring, but do not fret. With a reliable backup generator system, you will never have to wait for the power to come back on to maintain your digital and electrical life. It will never go out in the first place.

We install reliable backup power systems so your home will never lose power from a storm or natural disaster.

Solar Systems

Installing solar panels can be a great investment that saves you thousands on electricity costs and increases your home value.

In many cases, the cost of putting residential solar panels on your home can be less than your electric bill, with a variety of financing options.

Fraser West will help you navigate the landscape and find out what’s right for you!


Because much of your electrical system is concealed behind the walls, it can be easy to overlook when planning a renovation.

But don’t worry, Fraser West is here to help you plan for both your current needs and make sure you will be adequately set up for the future.


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