About Us

Family Owned and Operated For Over 35 Years.

Our Backstory

An Expanding Company Steeped In Family Values.

Fraser West Electric was founded by Dan Adler in 1986, based on the principles of quality-first, family-based business. Over the years the company has grown  from just one additional employee and small projects to dozens of employees and projects of all sizes.

We have worked to develop a healthy portfolio of long-term customers including builders, company owners, construction managers, and personal clients.

While the company has rapidly grown, we still put great value in family and are still rooted in a close-knit community that takes of each other.

We extend our care to our employees and most importantly our you – our clients – and value the relationships that we have developed over the decades.

Our Mission

Committed to the Highest Quality Craftsmanship

Professional Delivery

Experienced Craftsmanship

Operational Excellence

Long-Term Focused

Customer Centric

Safety Prioritized

Our Team

With years of growth Dan, his nephew Steve and son Joel are now working as a team to service a growing client base while expanding into the rapidly changing landscape of new technologies and services.


Dan Adler

Master Electrician/Founder

Dan started his career in the 70’s and built a reputation based on great workmanship. In 1984, after founding Fraser West, Dan spent countless hours building the company and establishing relationships, many we have had for over 30 years! Dan maintains his long term connections with clients and is always working towards advancing the company with new clients, technologies, and services.


Steve Adler

Master Electrician

Brought in over 20 years ago to manage and develop strong operational practices, Steve has a strong background in business systems. With the core role of providing job site structure and ensuring smooth operations and execution excellence, Steve continues to manage the frontlines of Fraser West, and so much of the back-end logistics a successful company can’t operate without.


Joel Adler

Master Electrician

Joel is the newest addition to the management of the company with over a a decade of experience. Joel specializes in new technologies and advancing the companies services, seeking to understand and implement the latest technologies and innovations  to provide you with ideal solutions for your project. Day-to-day you will find Joel dedicated his day to satisfying customers.